Author Leonard Sweet has written a very challenging & thought-provoking text. In Viral, Sweet untangles the frustration that the “church” may have over the social media generation that strongly exists today.

A (biblical) premise of the text is that we were ALL created for relationship w/ God & with each other. This is the foundational truth for why the author has printed this text. In the need for relationship & connection, the Google generation has discovered the power of relationships & connections through avenues such as twitter. In these avenues, are we pursuing God & pointing each other in the direction of the pursuit of relationship with Him?

The stage is being set for a revival to awaken the followers of God & bring more disciples along this great journey of faith…because of the power of relationships & connectedness that is available today via social networking.

This book is worth reading…this reader is implying that perusing & scanning this book is not a viable option. This book is worth full digestion for the soul.

I received this book for the purpose of review from Multnomah Publishers. 


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