The ills of the heart

J. Oswald Sanders writings are a gift to servant–leaders.

This latest collection of writings from Sanders is addressed to servant–leaders and missionaries of the gospel. This is a bit of quick read since the chapters are brief.

Sanders is known for not cutting corners or light–hearted writing. What Sanders does is address the issues of the heart with potent prescriptions from scripture. Some may read this edition of his writings and wish for more grace to be included and that is verifiable.

But remember Sanders cuts to the chase, gets to the heart and speaks plainly.

This book addresses many ills of the heart and while achieving success in most of the ills, there are some that readers will find to be a bit lacking in prescription and perhaps a little bit of a stretch.

Nonetheless, Sanders writings are helpful and this book will help some with specific issues, while others may choose to pass on this reading.

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Into His Presence

Life in Christ is abundant, free, and comforting. Christ is a life–giver and His presence is desirable. But how does one begin to “find God”? Tim Anderson provides biblical perspectives on intimacy with God with good exposition of scripture to help readers see that God wants us to be with Him.

This books is full of truth and wisdom from scripture. That is one of the significant marks of this book – it is not fluff. Yet, it isn’t strictly a “thinking” person’s book either.

Anderson’s research here is strong, well–organized, and systematic. This will help the reader process the journey of learning about intimacy with God. Do not be fooled into believing this is strictly a how–to book, but remember the title; A Theology of Intimacy with God.

Readers, be sure to understand that this book is first philosophical before it is practical.

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When it comes to commentaries, it’s easy to collect volumes upon volumes with each volume being a different category. There are technical commentaries, background commentary, concise commentaries, etc.

The Big Greek Idea edition for John’s Letters is an all–in–one commentary on 3 short books of the New Testament. What you will receive in this commentary are exegetical outlines for passages, big ideas based on the original language, and various nuggets that derive from theological, syntactical, grammatical and lexical aspects.

This volume and this series truly is an all–in–one commentary that will strengthen the toolbox of any pastor or student. There is a richness to this series and volume that just isn’t there with all commentaries.

If you find yourself a former student of the languages and you’re desiring to return to the study and use of the Greek language, this series is the point of return!

I received this book free from Kregel Publications as part of their Academic & Ministry Blog Review Service. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.



Hooked is an up-close look at the reality of the nature of sexual activity. By nature, the implications are; the parameters of healthy sexual activity and the consequences of unhealthy sexual activity.

Hooked is written from a Christian worldview, therefore, readers should expect sexual activity to be best understood and enjoyed within the marriage of a man and a woman. This book does address the design of sex, the design of the brain, and how the brain becomes burdened if sex is sought after outside of marriage.

In Romans 12, the Apostle Paul urged for believers to not be conformed to the world around them, but to be transformed by the renewal of their minds, and that done by offering their bodies to the Lord. Paul understood the effects of not being ongoingly transformed would mean that their minds and lives would conform to the world.

In similar fashion, our minds are wired to accept the things we see through neurological pathways. Therefore, the images, music, and media that we see and listen to will work its way into our minds and create habits, beliefs, and behaviors that simply come from what our brains have inputted. When we forfeit the renewal of our minds, we get what we have taken in.

This book does state researched facts on the ramifications of casual sex and how that alters our minds, bodies, and behaviors. These authors do thoroughly understand the body, the brain and behaviors linked to both. Their biblical worldview allows them to govern their writing towards abstinence, and healthy sexual activity that is designed for our good.

This book will serve the purpose of strong research for those who are wanting to teach on this subject matter, those who are entering new relationship(s), and those who are wondering about their own behaviors due to past relationships that brought them harm instead of health.

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Let’s get ready to humble!

Admittedly, Christians have been confused for some time between faith and works. Is salvation both/and or either/or? After all, what came first…the chicken or the egg?

Such a subject can be divisive and intimidating. Rightfully so, because it draws a line in the sand.

This subject is addressed properly by the author and is done so comprehensively and clearly. The accomplishment of the author to show that the two are in harmony with each other is highlighted throughout the book. Readers will likely enjoy this book as it examines the historical contexts and exegetical concepts. Those factors alone make this book a valid resource in a pastor/teacher’s hands.

Before jumping into the debate, the author is careful to rehearse and introduce what each person (Paul and James) were standing on. This helps the reader understand the grounds of the debate. But when all is said and done, there really is no debate between Paul and James. They are both centered on the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

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The Unsaved Saved Person

The southern region of the United States is a hot–bed for religious culture. The words religious culture are used because of the cultural–Christian movement that is the foundation of the south.

Also, in the south are areas of brackish waters. These waters are a mix of salt and fresh waters which can allow for species of each water type to dwell in both/and. When you think about it, many people in the south would classify themselves as Christians without any kind of distinguishing characteristics, other than they go to church or “believe”.

This book does zoom in on the specifics of this very idea. There are things in this book that are often ignored in the church culture, but lately, seem to becoming more and more spoken of. Books like this one will help aid in drawing a line in the sand and distinguishing between the fresh and salty waters.

One of the gray areas of this book is in trying to determine between an unsaved person and a person who is just saved with little growth/fruit. Of course, as time goes on, the proof will be there or be lacking, of course.

This book is helpful for those who are neck-deep in the church culture and helpful for those who might find themselves being called to serve in the bible-belt short-term or long-term.

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Here we have a book with major implications on procrastination and some will tell themselves, “I can’t wait to read this…..I will read this soon….” only to find they have yet to do just that.

This book is written by Drew Dyck and his approach in this book comes across in a witty and winsome tone as he addresses a subject most people would rather ignore.

This book at its core is transformational and spiritual. What flows from that are principles and practical suggestions for how to fight against the sin of procrastination, quitting, and laziness.

This is a book that can be read in a quick manner, not because it is easy to read, but because the author is very engaging and transparent.

You will find this book to grab you and not let go because it might be just what you’ve been looking for or not looking for, per se.

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Greater Love


Isolation is not what we were designed for. Yet, it is often, the default choice in life.

God has created us to desire and participate in community. Friends are simply extensions of the hands and feet of Jesus and we are wise to have friends by being one.

This book addresses a specific aspect of life that is usually not talked about but experienced. Therefore, Drew Hunter has zoomed–in on the beauty of friendship(s) and the blessing that they are in the midst of waiting for our living and eternal hope.

Upon reading this book, you will most likely be compelled to relish in the special bonds you share with others whom God has brought into your life. This is a good and necessary thing that we often take for granted. Just as I am typing this review, I have received a text from a very sincere friend, who has expressed his gratitude for our friendship.

These sort of relationships are life–giving and the author wants us to seek and celebrate just that as we navigate in a fallen and sometimes, isolated world.

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Straight Talk


One of the tougher subjects in the bible, the Holy Spirit, is a marvelous person and part of the Godhead.

A.W. Tozer gives insight to this marvelous person and His work in the lives of people. To best understand the Holy Spirit, one must have a reverent fear of the Lord and a desire that depends upon the Holy Spirit.

A.W. Tozer has just that and is a man that lived on his knees before God. His writings reflect his soulful longing for truth and intimacy with God. This is why this book comes highly recommended, along with other books Tozer.

If you are wanting to get a glimpse into a life not wasted, then this book is for you and will compel you to fear God greatly and know Him better.

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A Commentary on Daniel


John Whitcomb is a seasoned professor and writes on the book of Daniel with clarity and  simple understanding from a Conservative viewpoint. This implies that some readers may disagree on some of the perspectives of Whitcomb, however, this volume is helpful from a historical standpoint of what occured during Daniel’s time and what is to come in the future.

The Everyday Bible Commentary is a helpful series for the teacher or learner who is seeking to grasp understanding and comprehension of the bible text(s). This series is not a full-blown in-depth resource but does serve as an introductory tool to learning the biblical text and history.

What one will find from Whitcomb is a concise resource that walks the reader through Daniel in a verse-by-verse, chapter-by-chapter instruction. This ensures the reader that they will be able to see what is taking place step-by-step rather than just a fly-by approach.

This resource is available through Moody Press and/or Amazon.

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