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Discipleship by Tozer


The efforts and impact of A. W. Tozer were simply not wasted. Thanks be to those who were impacted by him and their work to preserve his works for later generations to dwell on.

In this latest collection of sermons, essays and other writings from Tozer, readers will get a feast on what discipleship is for the child of God. Readers can also plan to get a contrast of what discipleship is not and how it disguises itself as the authentic lifestyle of discipleship.

This edition of Tozer’s writings is chalk-full of insight and truth on the life of a Christian. There are many heavy readings to ponder and dwell on so that application can be accurately produced in the life of the reader(s).

This book came highly recommended and it continues to be today and in the days ahead.

Tozer’s pulse on the Christian life is clear, vibrant and accurate, even so for today’s generation & the generations to come.

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Forgotten, overlooked, unheard…these words describe the reality for many pastors and their congregations, as they are small congregations that are not on the cutting edge of ministry.

The majority of churches in the United States are represented in this book, yet they seem like the minority as they dwell in the shadows of mega-churches.

First, this book should be read by small church pastors and mega-church pastors. It simply is worth the time of all pastors across the board.

Second, the instruction, encouragement, and practicality of this book make it a worthwhile read. It is more than a tool. This books tells the tale of small churches and why they are significant.

Third, Karl Voters seems to have a keen understanding on the nuts and bolts of ministry and why ministry matters, no matter the size of the congregation.

This is a fantastic read and will be a valuable asset for the days ahead!

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Sharing Jesus is simple if you simply walk with Jesus. It is not based on who you are or what you do, but it is based on His love and the power of His love to transform you.

This book is brief but impactful as it takes a few chapters to explain the kind of person Jesus was in His interactions with others and how that propelled conversation about grace & truth.

This is an equipping book designed to motivate, inspire and train readers to simply be like Jesus and then speak about Him. This book has practical examples of what this looks like and how it can be achieved by keeping things simple.

The book is designed with short & to-the-point dialogue that does not overwhelm the reader, but overtakes them to do what is suggested.

This is a helpful book for those who are intimidated to share their faith, but also frightened by books that overwhelm them.

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Yes & Yes.


Most people despise being told no, but do not hesitate to answer with no themselves, when being asked a question. Those moments can be paralyzing and numb.

But, when one says Yes to God, there is freedom and joy that is unrivaled and unmatched. This book is story after story of those who said YES to God and began to walk by faith, not by sight.

These stories will move you to consider saying YES and will encourage you to remember the times you did say YES…and what followed afterwards.

This is a book that is inspiring and invigorating to the soul that is slumbered in comfortability. Consider this book a wake-up call to what could be and what should be, if we will say YES, instead of NO.

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Biblical Leadership


Leadership has a variety of implications, but biblical leadership implies being motivated through a servant’s heart.

In this book on leadership, there are many looks at what leadership is throughout scripture. The book addresses biblical leadership within the Old and New Testaments, giving readers understanding on leadership lessons.

Most readers will find the New Testament portion better explained over the Old Testament. However, both portions give great insights to what a leader looks like from the heart of God.

Is this book only for the biblical leader on a church staff? No, indeed, not. There are leadership principles for all kinds of leaders who want to influence people and make others thrive. Therefore, school principals, students, interns, business owners would absorb incredible insight from this book.

This is a book that will be read and then repeatedly gleaned from after reading it in its entirety.

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The In-Between


In a day where entertainment reigns, suffering still exists. Suffering cannot be extinguished in the lives of people, especially those who follow Jesus. One day, it will be extinguished forever, but until the Day of the Lord, suffering remains an ingredient in life.

Understanding suffering and the redeeming love and power of God is only learned through experience. It is not something that you learn without applying. It is as simple as that, yet so much more easier said than done.

This book is a dialogue that ventures into the world of suffering to see the beauty and majesty of God in the midst of difficulty. This is an honest look at knowing God through suffering and coming out of suffering with a greater faith and a stronger desire for God to be glorified.

This book is not a how-to tool that will show you how to manipulate God or by-pass suffering, but what it is to embrace God in the midst of suffering and to see Him in ways that otherwise you may not.

This is a resource for pastors, counselors, and Christians in general that will serve as a bedrock resource for the days ahead.

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Progression not Perfection


Devotional books are a dime a dozen these days and their themes range from the easiest of subjects to life’s toughest challenges. Unfortunately, there is a vast array of devotional books written by people who have little experience in what they write about.

However, there are some available that are written not by an author’s pen, but by their life.

In this new book, based on the film, Woodlawn, which is based on a true story, the author provides daily/weekly devotional thoughts that are directly from his own father’s legacy as a coach. It is clear that his father coached football as a platform to coach and mentor young men in life and their character development.

If you are a football fan, a coach, or striving to be a coach, of any sport, this is a book you may want to simmer in. It contains 52 life lessons for the reader to explore and apply to their own life.

This book differs from other devotionals because of how personal it is and that it comes from someone’s life experience and legacy.

Thank you to Tyndale House Publishers for providing me with a complimentary copy of this book for the purpose of review. 


Great Possibilities


Most bookstores have an apt supply of books on marriage and a shortage of books on singleness. Conferences are held nationwide on marriage and family, but there is a void of conferences on singleness.

However, in the Bible, there are numerous people who were never married yet served God faithfully and discovered great purpose in their singleness. There are numerous benefits to both marriage and singleness, but it boils down to perspective and calling.

If one is married, that person has a spouse to come home to on a daily basis and also experience life together in vast ways. However, if one is single, they are not obligated to another person, but to God and have the freedom to serve in ways that a married person simply cannot.

This book is a great tool that explores singleness in all of it’s aspects and give readers inspiration, motivation and grace to enjoy singleness and find purpose in doing so. I would place this book in the hands of both young and old who find themselves single and willing to contemplate what that may mean for their adulthood.

Finally, a book that is for those who are seeking and wrestling with the calling and/or season of singleness.

I received this book free from Kregel Publications as part of their Academic & Ministry Blog Review Service. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

The Missing Ingredient


If you leave out one of the main ingredients in a recipe, the outcome of the dish will be incomplete and severely disappointing. Similarly, there is something missing in many gospel conversations, witnessing opportunities, and debate-like discussions and that is grace.

Recently, I was in attendance at a conference where Sean McDowell spoke. His presentation was in the character of an atheist and he fielded questions from the audience of Christians. The audience bombarded him with questions and scenarios of debate that were full of truth, but lacked one thing, grace.

As the presentation went further, it became obvious that the Christians were getting frustrated, annoyed and out of control, yet Sean, in character remained composed and listened while never raising his voice during counter questions to the audience.

At the conclusion, his point was that the millennial and the lost generation is not willing to listen to truth, because they do not see grace in the believer’s lives, nor do they hear it. They hear truth, but they don’t see a Christ-like example speaking this truth. This was an eye-opening experience that rebuked a lot in the audience, very gently.

This book is a tool that explains why and how grace must accompany truth, if we want to make an impact. The first portion of the book lays a foundation for grace and truth and the second portion of the book provides examples, inspiration and encouragement to exhibit both grace and truth together as individuals, and as a local congregation functioning as the body of Christ.

This book is timely & necessary for both yesterday’s and today’s generation to read and heed.

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Another one does NOT bite the dust. Yes, A.W. Tozer’s newest collection of devotional thoughts is here to stay.

In this classic collection of insights, readers will quickly understand what worship is what worship is not. Along with that, they will see who it is that is vastly worthy of true worship.

This edition focuses on worship and gives clarity on the heart of worship and the object of worship. What the aim is of this book is not to strictly instruct or educate someone on worship, but to move them to obedience in worship so that worship is achieved.

Otherwise, all one will have is more knowledge that puffs up and disallows worship to even occur.

Tozer’s insights though from the past are ever-relevant today and will challenge readers in ways that new books have yet to do.

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