Often Overlooked – Family First


It all begins in the home with the family. One of most neglected avenues of life is the family. Many leaders sacrifice their family for anything & everything because they feel like it is just acceptable and that family is loyal. Perhaps one side of the family is, but it very much so takes both sides buying into loyalty.

The author’s premise is that if a leader wants to be a true leader, then he must start at home with his own family. This is where credibility and respect comes from. Without the family support, a leader cannot be a leader, because everyone will question his leadership skills if his family is out or order.

Paul emphasized the very same thing in his pastoral letters to Timothy so that Timothy would know what a true leader in the church looks like.

This book has a strong theological foundation that leads to specific application for the Christian leader. As stated above, the ministry of the family is often the most neglected avenue of influence for the Christian leader and that is not leadership at all.

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Daily Dose


The classic remains a classic today. One of the reasons why Christians live in fear & defeat is because they have remembered that the enemy lurks and prowls around, but they have forgotten about the power that resides in them through the victory of Jesus.

Just as a daily vitamin aids your body in fending off disease and sickness, while promoting growth, a daily time in the Word of God can inspire, motivate and awaken you to spiritual growth and understanding your purpose.

This book has been used for centuries in aiding Christians to wake-up, suit-up and grow-up into Christ. It is true that the enemy lurks and prowls, ready to deceive. But just because he is attempting to deceive does not mean he has to accomplish that deceiving.

This is why Jesus used scripture that was in His heart to overcome temptation and give us the example of what it means to not sin against God.

This devotional resource is unique in it’s theme and applicable to all Christians no matter what season of spiritual life one is in.

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The Fact of the Matter


Did Jesus rise again? This question is what Christianity hangs itself on. Actually, it hangs on the answer to that question; Yes.

Of course, not everyone agrees that Jesus did rise from the dead and because of this disagreement, there are perspectives galore on the resurrection.

The perspective found in this book comes from much research of both sides of the perspective. That is a major factor in why this book can be respected. Not only do the editors have a foundation, but they explored the perspective of the opposition and that is not always the case in research.

There are critics who state that this book comes from the conservative perspective but even if so, these editors entertained and sought the other perspective out of respect, so that readers would consider both sides and come to a convicting conclusion.

However, as you read this book, along with many others, you will see that the two perspectives have an ongoing disagreement. The disagreement comes with the word FACT, as in the title of this book. If you can stomach the ongoing disagreements, you may be able to see why the Resurrection is at the center of history and is unlike any other religious leader’s claim(s) in history.

This is a book that one should consider reading to gain insight into the argument of did Jesus really rise again?

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Extending Exegesis to Everyday Saints


Exegesis is one of those theological words that scare away Christians and intimidate rookie seminarians. But this does not have to be so. Kregel Publications has been producing handbooks for quite some time that address the subject matter that is often not addressed by others. They do this to make what seems inaccessible become accessible. Once again, they have done a good job and this time with Apocalyptic Literature.

The contributors have zoomed in on the book of Daniel and it’s content to help readers understand the process of interpreting the book properly, which will therefore lead to proper application. This is the goal of interpretation – to understand the text and rightly apply it once it is understood correctly.

This is a resource that will be a companion to readers as they investigate the apocalyptic literature. The benefit of this resource is that it covers everything that accompanies this sort of subject matter. This is honestly a textbook in nature and leaves no matter unaddressed. Therefore, the reader will be thoroughly equipped and trained to rightly divide the word of truth in apocalyptic content.

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It’s Happening…


Some of the best reads are those that are true stories. Readers often find themselves wrapped up in the stories as if it is re-happening right before them.

This book which highlights the real work of Jesus in the midst of the next generations will move you to tears, passion and prayerfulness. It all begins with a small spark created by the Holy Spirit in the life of one person. Next, it is what does that person do with the Spirit alive in them?

Brian Barcelona gave his life to Christ & therefore became on mission with Christ, but his mission field was the high school campus(es). That is how this book came to be. It is the documented work of God in the student bodies.

This story will move you to exhibit greater faith & therefore believe & invest in younger people. So often, we hear about how the younger generations are the “future”, but honestly, the question is, “Why not now?”

This book will help shatter stereotypes of younger people & see them as moldable, teachable and reachable vessels for the Kingdom of God.

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Devotional Commentary


Bible Studies on Mark is a very well-prepared resource for soul nutrition. A great meal takes time to prepare so that is can be thoroughly enjoyed.

When you sit down with this running commentary/bible study you’ll notice that this author & editor took their time to simmer over the gospel of Mark and other gospels for that matter.

Bible Studies on Mark reflect on Mark’s perspective of Christ in relation to the other gospels. You’ll notice how Christ served & suffered with great passion. You’ll also see how Jesus spoke to others with truth in love & compassion.

This is a commentary that does not fit the academic mold because the author was careful to format this as a conversation-based bible study. However, in no way does that diminish the scholarly truths of the Gospel of Mark. But the author was careful to tread in both waters of exposition and application.

There are 21 sessions of commentary & study through this book that will help you grasp & see the Gospel of Mark in it’s beauty & conviction.

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90 Days…


Some people are wired for reading large chunks over the course of time. Others are not and want to experience a little bit at a time to make sure it is sinking in.

This 90 day spiritual journey through scripture is designed to help those who want to experience God’s Word deeply a little at a time.

The 90 days are devotionally formatted with exposition through scripture & talking points of application based on questions that get the student interacting with God’s Word. The Word is God’s main channel through which He speaks to us & this bible study is designed for just that.

But do not let “devotionally formatted” scare you into thinking this is a light-hearted study. Keller & Allberry do great work in exposition of each text to confirm proper biblical interpretation so that clear and whole application takes place in the reader’s life.

This is another great resource to get you into God’s Word so that God’s Word gets into you.

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Found it!


Looking back at the injuries from my childhood, I can remember the hesitation to accept proper care or medicine, for fear that it would sting or hurt. When I think about forgiving others, at times I have been reluctant for fear of how much it would hurt to do so. But when I come to the realization that being unforgiving hurts me even worse, I begin to wonder about true healing for myself & the one who offended me.

Stanley Gale has taken a nose-dive into the subject of forgiveness, which means he is also swimming in grace, mercy & peace – those are bi-products of forgiveness.

Let me say up front; this is not a self-help guide on becoming a better person or a strategy about being nice and keeping the peace. In fact, this book is quite the opposite as it reveals how to make peace and why that is vital to the soul. If you’re wanting to understand who God is and what Jesus is like, this book will unfold that for you. Reason being is that forgiveness only becomes possible through the grace of Christ. He is the foundation & standard of what forgiveness is. Apart from Him, we would be unable to forgive and find it to be undesirable to do so.

But He changes that, completely.

I found this book to be first theological in nature, as it relates to God’s character and the manner in which He addresses people. But because God is love & love is an action, this book becomes practical in nature.

Gale’s perspective is here’s why we are to forgive & here’s how to forgive. This is a solid book on a subject that is easier said than done.

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Don’t hide from the Old Testament


Many people will avoid reading from the Old Testament in the similar manner that some preachers avoid preaching from the Old Testament. What happens is a treasure goes without seeking for and truth in the Old Testament is not sought after, but left to neglecting.

But, what we have here in this book is a pleading from the author to preach the Old Testament and to do it the right way. The narratives of the Old Testament can be intimidating, so rather than diving in and tackling the stories, they are left alone or skipped over.

In this book, the author gives clarity on how to preach the Old Testament narratives and of course, why they are important to congregations and pastors. The author goes into great detail on theory of these types of sermons, but also covers great detail on crafting these sermons.

Walton does his due diligence to make sure every nook and cranny of sermon cause & effect is explored. This is a book to not shy away from, but to run to for encouragement on preaching the Old Testament. Walton leaves no page unturned in helping to prepare you to preach the Old Testament. For example, he goes to the length of even providing sample outlines and the process of preparing sermons from the Old Testament. Anecdotes, illustrations, transitions, and more are all covered and obviously extremely helpful in showing how it can be done.

This book is both a seminary textbook and guide for pastors who are far removed from the classroom. I found this book to be extremely helpful and profitable for sermon preparation. It is quite clear that Walton is seasoned in preaching and an expert in both preparation and delivery of Old Testament passages.

I appreciate Walton’s style and approach to preaching. He is a believer in the tools of preaching and does not shy away from anything that will help the preacher. There are some preachers who are in the camp of no stories, illustrations or anything that gets in the way of the Spirit illuminating the text. They place full stock in the Word of God and preach and teach it with so much dryness, because they believe stories and illustrations replace the text and dumb down the point(s). Walton does a great job of explaining how it all works together for the glory of God in preaching while helping both the preacher and the listener to become better preachers and listeners of the Word of God.

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Humble Heroes


Western Civilized Christians tend to approach short-term mission trips with a hero complex. “Here we come & here we are to fix things…”

This approach is something common within short-term teams that aim to serve & provide for those less fortunate. However, this approach can be dangerous and often do more damage then actually helping.

For example, let’s say a team goes into another country with the goal to build a building for a church to meet in. They arrive with great excitement and heroism and get the job done in record time. So the church has a place to meet and starts to do so after the team returns homes, proud of their work. After a while, the building begins to require repairs and upkeep, but the church group has no idea how to do that, because they have never had to do that before. So in the beginning, this building seems like a grand idea, but in the long run, it is hurtful, because the church now has taken a few steps backward.

In this book, you will see what it looks like to be helpful with short-term missions and to accomplish work that breeds itself to furthering ministry, kingdom-work and leaving an impactful mark of encouragement on a group or church.

Books like these need to be in the hands of churches on mission so that more good works can be done in the right manner with the right lasting effect. I cannot begin to share how many trips I’ve been on where when I arrived, I had a hero complex, but amongst the serving and training, realized I had no idea how to help out for the benefit of the kingdom in the long run.

I would strongly suggest this resource and others in these volumes so that you can do good works that glorify God and benefit others greatly.

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