Gaining by giving


Giving up is anti-culture in the West. For the culture screams & shouts to gain & consume at all costs. But there is a draw & power in giving up that is untapped by consumers.

The title lends itself to a play on words, because there is actually good in consciously giving-up something in order to gain something else. The season of Lent is designed to illuminate hope & victory. But it is hard to experience this when you’re in a daze from a totally consuming nature.

The author presses in on giving-up and/or fasting so that you are able to be filled with hope, love and genuine excitement for who God is and what He has done. The author realizes how hard this can be when our motor never stops running and our plate is tipping over from an unbalanced life.

This book is a simple book with a powerful premise that will truly tempt the reader to consider the good of giving up and what one can gain from pouring themselves out of the things that actually weigh them down and become burdensome.

You don’t have to wait until Lent to grab this resource and dive in. You may find this to be something you read throughout the year as you sense the unbalanced life building up.

Thank you to MP Newsroom. I received this book from MP Newsroom for the purpose of an unbiased review. 


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