The Fact of the Matter


Did Jesus rise again? This question is what Christianity hangs itself on. Actually, it hangs on the answer to that question; Yes.

Of course, not everyone agrees that Jesus did rise from the dead and because of this disagreement, there are perspectives galore on the resurrection.

The perspective found in this book comes from much research of both sides of the perspective. That is a major factor in why this book can be respected. Not only do the editors have a foundation, but they explored the perspective of the opposition and that is not always the case in research.

There are critics who state that this book comes from the conservative perspective but even if so, these editors entertained and sought the other perspective out of respect, so that readers would consider both sides and come to a convicting conclusion.

However, as you read this book, along with many others, you will see that the two perspectives have an ongoing disagreement. The disagreement comes with the word FACT, as in the title of this book. If you can stomach the ongoing disagreements, you may be able to see why the Resurrection is at the center of history and is unlike any other religious leader’s claim(s) in history.

This is a book that one should consider reading to gain insight into the argument of did Jesus really rise again?

Thank you to Cross Focused Reviews for the copy. I was not required to write a positive review.


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