It’s Happening…


Some of the best reads are those that are true stories. Readers often find themselves wrapped up in the stories as if it is re-happening right before them.

This book which highlights the real work of Jesus in the midst of the next generations will move you to tears, passion and prayerfulness. It all begins with a small spark created by the Holy Spirit in the life of one person. Next, it is what does that person do with the Spirit alive in them?

Brian Barcelona gave his life to Christ & therefore became on mission with Christ, but his mission field was the high school campus(es). That is how this book came to be. It is the documented work of God in the student bodies.

This story will move you to exhibit greater faith & therefore believe & invest in younger people. So often, we hear about how the younger generations are the “future”, but honestly, the question is, “Why not now?”

This book will help shatter stereotypes of younger people & see them as moldable, teachable and reachable vessels for the Kingdom of God.

Thank you to Cross Focused Reviews for the copy. I was not required to write a positive review.


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