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Looking back at the injuries from my childhood, I can remember the hesitation to accept proper care or medicine, for fear that it would sting or hurt. When I think about forgiving others, at times I have been reluctant for fear of how much it would hurt to do so. But when I come to the realization that being unforgiving hurts me even worse, I begin to wonder about true healing for myself & the one who offended me.

Stanley Gale has taken a nose-dive into the subject of forgiveness, which means he is also swimming in grace, mercy & peace – those are bi-products of forgiveness.

Let me say up front; this is not a self-help guide on becoming a better person or a strategy about being nice and keeping the peace. In fact, this book is quite the opposite as it reveals how to make peace and why that is vital to the soul. If you’re wanting to understand who God is and what Jesus is like, this book will unfold that for you. Reason being is that forgiveness only becomes possible through the grace of Christ. He is the foundation & standard of what forgiveness is. Apart from Him, we would be unable to forgive and find it to be undesirable to do so.

But He changes that, completely.

I found this book to be first theological in nature, as it relates to God’s character and the manner in which He addresses people. But because God is love & love is an action, this book becomes practical in nature.

Gale’s perspective is here’s why we are to forgive & here’s how to forgive. This is a solid book on a subject that is easier said than done.

Thank you to Cross Focused Reviews for the copy. I was not required to write a positive review.


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