Don’t hide from the Old Testament


Many people will avoid reading from the Old Testament in the similar manner that some preachers avoid preaching from the Old Testament. What happens is a treasure goes without seeking for and truth in the Old Testament is not sought after, but left to neglecting.

But, what we have here in this book is a pleading from the author to preach the Old Testament and to do it the right way. The narratives of the Old Testament can be intimidating, so rather than diving in and tackling the stories, they are left alone or skipped over.

In this book, the author gives clarity on how to preach the Old Testament narratives and of course, why they are important to congregations and pastors. The author goes into great detail on theory of these types of sermons, but also covers great detail on crafting these sermons.

Walton does his due diligence to make sure every nook and cranny of sermon cause & effect is explored. This is a book to not shy away from, but to run to for encouragement on preaching the Old Testament. Walton leaves no page unturned in helping to prepare you to preach the Old Testament. For example, he goes to the length of even providing sample outlines and the process of preparing sermons from the Old Testament. Anecdotes, illustrations, transitions, and more are all covered and obviously extremely helpful in showing how it can be done.

This book is both a seminary textbook and guide for pastors who are far removed from the classroom. I found this book to be extremely helpful and profitable for sermon preparation. It is quite clear that Walton is seasoned in preaching and an expert in both preparation and delivery of Old Testament passages.

I appreciate Walton’s style and approach to preaching. He is a believer in the tools of preaching and does not shy away from anything that will help the preacher. There are some preachers who are in the camp of no stories, illustrations or anything that gets in the way of the Spirit illuminating the text. They place full stock in the Word of God and preach and teach it with so much dryness, because they believe stories and illustrations replace the text and dumb down the point(s). Walton does a great job of explaining how it all works together for the glory of God in preaching while helping both the preacher and the listener to become better preachers and listeners of the Word of God.

I received this book free from Kregel Publications as part of their Academic & Ministry Blog Review Service. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


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