Humble Heroes


Western Civilized Christians tend to approach short-term mission trips with a hero complex. “Here we come & here we are to fix things…”

This approach is something common within short-term teams that aim to serve & provide for those less fortunate. However, this approach can be dangerous and often do more damage then actually helping.

For example, let’s say a team goes into another country with the goal to build a building for a church to meet in. They arrive with great excitement and heroism and get the job done in record time. So the church has a place to meet and starts to do so after the team returns homes, proud of their work. After a while, the building begins to require repairs and upkeep, but the church group has no idea how to do that, because they have never had to do that before. So in the beginning, this building seems like a grand idea, but in the long run, it is hurtful, because the church now has taken a few steps backward.

In this book, you will see what it looks like to be helpful with short-term missions and to accomplish work that breeds itself to furthering ministry, kingdom-work and leaving an impactful mark of encouragement on a group or church.

Books like these need to be in the hands of churches on mission so that more good works can be done in the right manner with the right lasting effect. I cannot begin to share how many trips I’ve been on where when I arrived, I had a hero complex, but amongst the serving and training, realized I had no idea how to help out for the benefit of the kingdom in the long run.

I would strongly suggest this resource and others in these volumes so that you can do good works that glorify God and benefit others greatly.

Thank you to MP Newsroom. I received this book from MP Newsroom for the purpose of an unbiased review. 


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