Life Dynamics


A large ship is controlled by a rutter or wheel that is smaller than the ship itself. It is absolutely led & dependent on that integral piece to steer its course. Similarly, the overarching life of a person is controlled by the heart. We are not implying the bodily heart, but we are implying the control center of the soul – the heart/mind.

Jeremy Pierre teaches counseling and has spent many hours researching the heart & mind. Therefore, this book is the fruit of his efforts & work and it is a book worth diving in to.

What you will find is that Pierre does have the goal of Christlikeness & holiness in mind for the readers, but those goals are not attainable until you get the bottom of the heart & see what you are working with. Behavior isn’t just changeable or adjustable through self-efforts. Change comes with a new heart & mind and that is only possible through Christ.

This book is rich in understanding the sin nature & the divine nature and will aid both teachers & readers who want to know better how to serve others in regards to counseling & teaching. You’ll find deep tones of education, research but also practicality for the purpose of applying the book’s principles to your life. Pierre has furnished a solid book that will be a tool for the days to come as we seek to lead people to God.

Thank you to Cross Focused Reviews for the copy. I was not required to write a positive review.


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