Building your marriage


When it comes to marriage, many couples place great emphasis on their ceremony & honeymoon, rather than the preparation for the journey of marriage.

Ceremonies are nice, but they are but for a moment. Marriage is full of many types of moments, therefore preparation is vital.

Ernie Baker sees the significance in preparing for marriage and has provided a resource that will strongly be recommended & used in the days ahead.

Baker’s setup is 3-fold…

First is the Foundation. In this he addresses; Wisdom, Christ, True Attraction, and Divine Design.

Second is the First Floor and this section addresses; living wisely during the single years & understanding God’s Will.

Third is the Roof and this closes the book with the results of following the principles in the first two sections. That result is a marriage that glorified God and builds one another up in Christ.

This resource is gospel-centered & navigates couples through God’s Word and uses Scriptures to uphold couples in Godly marriage. Baker sees the anxieties of marriage as a reality and therefore wants couples to be fully-prepared for what lies ahead and how God uses it all to sanctify us & glorify Him.

This is a strong book that will be a great tool in the hands of ministers, singles who are desiring marriage, and for the pre-marital sessions before the marriage is official.

Thank you to Cross Focused Reviews for the copy. I was not required to write a positive review.



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