Good & Angry


This book is for you. Yes, it is for everyone. The reason being is because anger is a trait that is passed down from person to person and it doesn’t skip anyone.

Upon seeing the title and perhaps opening the book, one will think “I know __________________ needs to read this.” But let’s forget about everyone else and see if it is you that needs to read it.

Anger is kindled in the hearts of all people at some point. In some, it is kindled easily, in others, more slowly, perhaps. But it can rage on if not addressed & dealt with redemptively. This is where David Powlinson steps in with a scripture-saturated resource to help us understand ourselves and our God much better.

This book covers all bases necessary for dealing with anger. First of all, the gospel is threaded clearly throughout this book. Secondly, it gets personal with the reader. Third, it prepares leaders to counsel & teach on anger in redemptive manner. Fourth, if you are a parent you will see your child’s anger through a new lens and be able to address it clearly and with more wisdom.

Other than scripture, I cannot think of a better resource to address anger and overcome it with the hope of the Word of God and the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

Thank you to Cross Focused Reviews for the copy. I was not required to write a positive review.


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