Seize or be Seized


Good gifts often become bad gifts in the hands of sinners. In fact the good things that God gives us become god things when we get our hands on them. So is it possible to possess gifts without them possessing us? Yes…

This book stems from messages previously delivered by John Piper & therefore this book is potent to the heart. The reason for this being potent is that it has been stewed over for a long period of time by the author.

What are you going to get in a book like this on these topics? Well, because Piper is the author you are going to get a theological foundation for each of these & how they relate to your true treasure. In the explanations given by Piper will be a pleading for the glory of God to be your treasure and that when He is supreme in your life, all other things fall into their proper place. This is true, but it is easier said than done.

So will you learn anything new or be challenged by this book? Yes & Yes. If you’ve read anything from Piper, you’ll hear some familiar stuff but you will also hear some new things in fresh perspectives. You’ll be challenged because Piper does not hold punches at all, whatsoever. Expect to be confronted at the roots of your heart.

Thank you to Cross Focused Reviews for the copy. I was not required to write a positive review.


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