Stories for Impact


The Parables that Jesus told were stories meant for impact on those who were willing to hear. The Parables illustrated a truth about the Kingdom of God & the Nature of God. Therefore, they often retold & taught in lectures, classes, conferences, seminars and in preaching. However, they are also studied personally by many for fresh perspectives on God.

James Boyce covers 22 parables in this book & gentle peels back the layers of truth & meaning. Boyce has a gift for making the complex thoughts simplified & understandable. That is without a doubt one of his greatest qualities.

The interesting fact about parables is that they can be studied numerous times with new insights & fresh understanding each & every time they are studied. Parables are a like a treasure chest that gets sweeter the more you dig through it.

Boyce covers the nature of the parables in differing sections of the book. So each section  addresses specific themes. This helps the reader with the flow of the book.

I found this book to be refreshing & a joy to read for the purpose of rediscovering God and what His Kingdom and His Son are like.

Thank you to MP Newsroom. I received this book from MP Newsroom for the purpose of an unbiased review. 


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