Holding it together


Jerry Bridges was a man of clarity in his faith. There was no guessing to what Bridges believed. He was forthright & humble in his approach to explaining his faith. He did it in a way that encouraged & convicted at the same time. To do both things well is a gift and that gift belonged to Jerry Bridges.

Bridges believed two things were the glue to holding a Christian’s life together. Those two things are justification & sanctification, in that order. To understand justification is the key to being set free with the mind of Christ. When one understands justification, then sanctification can run it’s course. You cannot have one without the other, clearly.

Theology is often portrayed as theory-only, but Jerry Bridges had a knack for making the theory come to life in practicality. This book is just that. It is that knack explained thoroughly. When you read this book, you will see how these two terms come to life in the daily walk of a believer. Also, over time you will be more grounded in both of them and therefore see how these two aspects of the Christian life truly make life worth living.

I cannot think of a better title for this book as it pertains to two things that bring the Christian life together from each end of the spectrum.

Thank you to Crossway publishers for the opportunity to review this book. I was not required to write a positive review.


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