Not how, but what


Let’s shift the question from “How do I pray?’ to “What do I pray?”

Dr. Whitney’s belief is that if we pray God’s Word by praying through God’s Word & praying over God’s Word, we will align ourselves with God’s Will. That is a hotbed question for so many: “What is God’s will for my life?” Dr David Platt states that 95% of God’s Will is revealed through his Word and the other 5% comes through obedience to what we already know to be God’s Will.

Dr. Whitney then implores that disciples of Christ find themselves praying God’s Word rather than trying to strike a match on wet paper of their own prayer life.

The principles in this book teach that a reader should find a passage of scripture, starting with the Psalms or maybe Proverbs and read a verse of scripture than pray that verse to God and follow His lead on what else to pray for according to that verse. There may be times where you pray through a whole passage/chapter and there may be times where you don’t make it past one-two verses…but both are ok because you are spending time with God in His Word and conversing with Him about His will and truth.

This book will change your prayer life and challenge your prayer life to be more so directed by God rather than by what you want.

Thank you, Crossway Publishers, for providing this text for the purpose of review.


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