The cart before the horse


The wedding day: A day that will live for 24 brief hours. But a marriage: a lifelong journey designated by a covenant that makes two people one.

We’ve all heard the phrase; Don’t put the cart before the horse. We know that the horse would run smack over the cart and demolish it. This relates well to brides who plan and strategize their wedding day but leave no room, effort, or desire to plan for their marriage. The wedding day is beautiful, hopeful, majestic and mysterious, but the marriage begins to crumble shortly after.

There are way to many instances of putting the cart before the horse and therefore, many marriages don’t last or at least don’t thrive like they can and should.

This new book is an excellent tool for brides who want to thrive and not just survive in marriage. The format of this book is part devotional, part bible study, part story. There is so much in this resource that brides are without excuse for lacking to prepare for marriage. The intent of this book is that brides would put on the armor of God after their wedding dress becomes a souvenir.

But, I would venture to say that this book can be read in prep for marriage during the engagement period of wedding planning and pre-marital counseling. It’s really all about having a plan and a desire to be married, stay married, and enjoy marriage via God’s design.

If that’s your hope and dream, check out this resource for new brides, old brides, and brides to be.

Thank you to Cross Focused Reviews for the copy. I was not required to write a positive review.


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