Don’t forget to subtract first.


Gaining by Losing is a book that encompasses the passion of the Great Commission. Making Disciples has many angles and we must keep in mind that this book is written by a pastor of a church that has 8,000+ people. The context with which this author writes will vary greatly from the context of the rural church with 150 people and 1-2 staff members.

All of the varied differences aside you will learn something from this book, even if your church is already a sending church and a church that desires to multiply. The author is a fantastic communicator by oral standards and written standards. You’ll find this book easy to read, follow and understand.

First off, you will appreciate the practicality of this book and the mindset of getting on a specific mission from God. Secondly, there are stories that help illustrate and encourage, but you may find it difficult to understand if you are not in a mega-church context. Some times stories from large churches or examples from there leave you feeling lonely and misunderstood, because your church isn’t necessarily jumping off the map in every aspect of ministry.

But, don’t let comparisons or dreams of “being like that church” stop from you turning these pages. We all need to be in a more of a live-sent mindset and this book will surely help you and your church in that direction.

Thank you to Cross Focused Reviews for the copy. I was not required to write a positive review.


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