A Worthy Task

Pastoring is so much more than preaching. Your sheep experience grief, loneliness, confusion, doubt, joy, hope, hopelessness, and so much more. We must consider what we are up against in the prince of darkness.

Therefore, the pastor must be equipped to counsel and walk with people through these times. How can a pastor help others through counseling? First of all, by allowing himself to be counseled by the Word & the Holy Spirit, along with being counseled by a mentor of his own.

In this book, the author breakdown the what, why and how of counseling so that pastors can be better equipped for shepherding. Counseling is becoming one of the hot topics and one of the stronger practices in ministry because of the times we are living in.

People are simply experiencing so much in their lives and dealing with more than they can carry. Therefore, they need counselors, and brothers & sisters to help carry their burdens. There is both formal counseling and informal counseling. Formal counseling is appointed and private. But informal counseling is simply what takes place in the day-in & day-out routine of life as we share meals together, go places together and sharpen one another.

This book is meant for more than pastors…it’s really for anyone with a caring heart.

Thank you, Crossway Publishers, for providing this text for the purpose of review.


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