What’s that He asked?


When the gospels are read, it is easy to see it as a conversation between the original people within the gospels. For example, when Jesus asks the disciples question, we don’t tend to see Him asking those same to questions to ourselves, but He truly is.

The questions Jesus asked the disciples are the same questions He is asking us today, because we are walking the same roads that the disciples walked. We deal with fear, love and seeking; just a few of the topic questions Jesus asks. Behold, Jesus wants to know who we think He is! He wants to know our motives, thoughts and reasons for following Him, knowing Him, wandering from Him, being fearful of things that have no control over us, etc.

This book takes biblical questions and backs them up with both biblical and practical answers. This is truly a book for our day that needs to tread upon our hearts & minds.

The author of this book takes great care in handling these questions with answers that are not self-righteousness or textbook answers. But you can see that he has grappled with the questions himself and come to find that the questions are as prevalent today as they were in the historical context of the gospels.

You’ll find this book to be refreshing and monumental in your growth of faith in Jesus.

Thank you to Cross Focused Reviews for the copy. I was not required to write a positive review.


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