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To Kill a Lion is not a book that PETA will rise up to contradict and picket. It actually has nothing to do with a physical lion. But you’ll discover that the Lion it mentions is a wild beast that must become tame.

Lust of the eyes/flesh is something that plagues men across the board. It is something that hunts men down for the purpose of trapping them in it’s snare. Because of this FACT, Bruce Lengeman addresses it head on.

In this book, you will find great perspective on lust and it’s potential defeat of your mind or your potential defeat over it. There are hundreds of books out on this subject, that are written from a biblical perspective. Many, many are so very helpful and you can add this one to that list.

One of the appreciations of this book is it’s readability. The author has formatted this book with helpful bullet points and clear chapter heading and subheading that make the intake of this material easy to collect. Some readers don’t appreciate good format until they’ve experienced it. This is one too experience as an avid reader.

Format aside, the principles, integrity and honesty that Lengeman writes with is a benefit for the struggling man who so badly wants to defeat their personal lion of lust.

I received this book free in exchange for an honest review from the BookCrash reviewer program.


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