Why? Answer the question before it is asked!

Why Easter & Why Christmas are must-have tools for rearing children to understand early on the significance of the holidays. Culture has exalted the Easter Bunny & Santa Claus above the Savior and His purpose. Because of the contrast about Easter & Christmas between the Church and society, children will lean one way or the other. It is our hope they lean toward The Way. We can assure and at least instill in them why each holiday is so special.

One reason why these holidays are significant for society is that it is a money-making strategy that starts long before the month of April and December. Stores, commercials, and shopping malls hoist up the decorations and trinkets long before the first week of April and December. If we want our children to know the reason for each holiday, we can’t wait until the day of and new outfits for Easter and new toys for Christmas. We must begin walking them through the stages of Easter & Christmas early on as well.

This devotional tool does just that. It is a resource for the weeks leading up to Easter & Christmas that contains truth and illustrations about Jesus’ journey. Each day is categorized appropriately for the journey showing why each holiday is so celebratory over the birth and resurrection. The build-up done in this book is glorious and emphatic, creating wonder, appreciation and an anxiousness that awaits for the coming and the resurrection of the Savior.

Do yourself a favor as a parent or grandparent and make sure this book is on your shelf long before Easter and Christmas arrives.

Thank you to Cross Focused Reviews for the copy. I was not required to write a positive review.


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