Steve Farrar is passionate about manhood. This does not imply the belittling of women, but truly the strength of women. Because if men act like true men, who serve others and put others before themselves, then women and the rest of society would thrive.

Something else about Steve Farrar that must be understood is that he writes from a biblical perspective and he is conservative. These two factors alone will rub many readers the wrong way. But none the less, Steve is passionate about seeing people experience a full and abundant life.

This book is brief but packs a punch. You’ll notice that Steve is very cut & dry as a writer & speaker. He does not hold back. He believes what he teaches and with so many avenues of knowledge today, it is refreshing to see and hear from someone grounded and firm.

The book is made up of 9 principles that if avoided usually bring about confusion, chaos, and a feeling of “what if or what happened?”

Every chapter is littered with sound truth, common sense, stories of illustration and reinforcement. You most likely won’t agree with every principle, but there is something for everyone in this book…even if you are not as conservative as Farrar.

I would urge readers to proceed in reading with caution: Farrar isn’t out to make friends or make you feel good about yourself. Farrar is an exhorter who warns and points people in the way he believes they should go.

I was provided this book from for the purpose of review. The above thoughts are my own.

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