Dwelling: A person and a place

We are living in hurried times. These times are cause for lives being unfocused and selfish. Barry Jones has a word for believers who are experiencing these times everyday.

Not to negate the above statement, but there is a focused lifestyle going on with many folks, but the focus is on self and where self has to go and get to. Dwell is a book that brings to light intentional gospel-living that permeates the culture, community and co-workers that one finds themselves surrounded by.

First off, Jones loves theology and you can see that through the pages of this book. There is a theological nature that encompasses this text, but it does not stand alone. Jones also emphasizes the practical lifestyle of a person who loves God and His Word. This is one of the more balanced books on missional-living and you’ll find yourself with a desire to love God more and therefore love people more. What a win!

This book is rich and Jones looks back to those who have gone before us for their insight and understanding and takes that and shows how it can manifest in the lives of believers today. This isn’t always done, nor done well, but Barry Jones nails it in Dwell.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for a review. I was not required to right a positive review.


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