And the things of earth will grow us more in Him

And the things of earth will grow strangely dim is a line in a classical hymn. The things of earth is a book by Joe Rigney who is a student of John Piper. Piper is famous for his quote, “God is most glorified when you are most satisfied in Him.”

Rigney is one who supports the quote. Rigney also has wrestled with where do the gifts that God gives us fit into the equation?

Rigney’s wrestling of this question has fleshed itself out in his book, The things of Earth. What you’ll find in this book is not a warning that gifts are evil or that good things are damnable. But what you’ll discover is that they are tools that can be used for understanding and knowing God more.

The key is that when one takes his eyes and heart off of God and places the focus on the good things, those good things become god things and false worship begins to consume a person. If one can remember who the gifts and good things came from and return to the giver gratitude and praise, then the gifts can actually be good things that drive us to God, just as He intended.

You’ll find yourself with a better understanding for food, family and friends when you read this book and there is simply nothing like enjoying who God is through what God has given you.

It’s time someone addressed this and showed believers the proper context and concept of God and good things.

Thank you, Crossway Publishers, for providing this text for the purpose of review.


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