A resource for reporting…

If something is important to us, we are going to tell others about it – plain and simple!

The Gospel is so important that we must tell others about it – plain and simple!

But how do we go about it in such a way that we get every drop of worth squeezed out? This book will be your guide to ensure you tell a story worth telling. Each chapter discusses the many venues of storytelling and each chapter discovers the benefits of each venue.

If we want stories to live on, they must be caught by those we are telling them to. This is why storytelling is necessary and why storytelling matters. But we must approach the tales with integrity, insight and ingenuity. We can’t just shoot from the hip…the story of the Gospel demands and deserves much more preparation!

This composition will take a non-writer and encourage him/her to write. It will take a person who is scared of the camera and encourage him/her how and why to capture shots. It will take a person who has never done journalism and show them how and why to interview others. This book will take a person who has a story but does not know how to tell it and encourage them to spit it out in great, passionate and contagious detail.

I was provided this book from http://mpnewsroom.com/ for the purpose of review. The above thoughts are my own.

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