Salt, Light, Cities and Hills

If we want to aim correctly and have a proper strategy, we must examine our context and hear the specific cries that our context is making.

Melvin Tinker has done just that and has a strategy in place for his church to be who and what God called them to be. We are the Salt and the Light of the world and a city that is lit up for Jesus cannot be hidden. But what’s the best way to go about our task in a way that creates more Salt and more Light? I’m glad you asked…but Melvin Tinker is even gladder.

In this book, which isn’t long, you will find the problem, the answer, and the strategy, based on your context. Melvin’s context is one of poverty, brokenness, and struggle. Seems discouraging…but when you know where to aim, you really are set to do something that seems extraordinary, but as the NT points out, is completely ordinary.

There is tension between social justice and evangelism. Most often, that tension is humanly-manipulated and man-made. But when you see the life of Jesus and His ministry, you see that He met people’s physical needs and spiritual needs. Jesus ministered to the whole situation – body and soul. His heart was for the lowly and outcast, because if their life was lowly, chances are their heart would be too and He knew where to aim.

Tinker grapples with the tension of social justice and evangelism, then he puts the life of Jesus under an exegetical microscope, then he gets practical with examples from his context.

You’ll find this book both: theological and practical – therefore you can’t wrong reading this new book.

Perhaps after reading, you’ll better understand Jesus’ lifestyle, His calling on your life, and how to aim at your context.

Thank you to Cross Focused Reviews for the copy. I was not required to write a positive review.


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