Scanner required

When a person boards an airplane, they first are required to walk through a scanner that detects whether or not they are clean & clear of weapons or anything harmful or illegal. The scanner will alarm the potential flyer if something is detected or not. Keep in mind, the scan is required for all passengers on all flights.

Dave Harvey’s Am I Called could very well be the “scanner” that all young people need to read to detect whether or not they are called to ministry. I am not placing this book above the bible for guidance, truth and conviction…however this text will serve greatly as a buffer to help point people to ministry or away from vocational ministry.

There are specific qualifications that need to verifiable for those seeking the vocational ministry. These qualifications are listed by Paul in the New Testament to Timothy and Dave Harvey brings these qualifications to light and practicality for the reader.

This book will serve great as a textbook for first-year seminary students, but also for seasoned pastors who need to be refreshed, reminded and reinvigorated of their calling in Christ.

What a sharp and pointed book! It is much needed for our day.

Thank you, Crossway Publishers, for providing this text for the purpose of review.


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