You’re telling a story whether you believe it or not.

Life speaks, even when we don’t say anything. The manner in which we live is describing something and perhaps someone. What is your life telling?

In this short and encouraging book, the author claims that life is telling a story and for the follower of Christ, our lives ought to be telling His story. Galatians 2:20 is where Paul implies that his life doesn’t belong to him, but belongs to Him.

In this book, you’ll discover the power of storytelling, but also story-living…living out God’s ultimate story to those around you. After all, we who are born, are born into sin and are marked for overruling God and going about life to our own drum-beat, but God revealed His love to us, and changed us, giving us a new nature that appreciate Him and His creation. This is where the story begins to be lived out before others as we love the way He intended us to love.

The question begs to be asked: What are people believing about God based on your life?

I was provided this book from for the purpose of review. The above thoughts are my own.


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