Impactful – pocketful!

Barry Cooper explores the trustworthiness of the bible and makes this book accessible, in such a way that it fits right in your back pocket.

Many people today are exploring the bible’s claims to see if the word holds true. There are many skeptics today, along with many who just can’t grasp certain things. Barry Cooper understands the skepticism, but he also understands the truth and examines both sides.

Cooper urges people to notice a few things.

1. Anything that is important must be written down. There are documents that must prove a claim’s validity.

2. The spread of the bible is written over thousands of years with so many different authors at different times in history & yet there is one theme throughout the entire word. How could all these different authors at different times continue such a theme, unless One was inspiring them to do so?

These points above are hard not to settle on. From reading this brief book, you can see that the author is allowing the bible to prove itself to those who are willing to hear & listen. This concise resource is a great tool for anyone’s library or glove-compartment. After all, this book fits in your back pocket.

Thank you to Cross Focused Reviews for the copy. I was not required to write a positive review.


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