Seminaries are not perfect either…

In seminary it is very easy to fall for the trap of isolation and to consider a formula for everything that you work on.

There are many great seminaries today that are doing a great job at making disciples. However, within the confines of seminary and in the midst of papers, reviews, critiques, seminars, etc…is a simple trap.

The way this trap works is that you as a student become very knowledgable of the scriptures & discover ways to study scripture. The trap isn’t one that clamps down on you quickly and ferociously. It happens slowly over the years in seminary. Once the student grows in seminary, it is then the student may very well begin to lose sight of the goal of being a disciple.

There is so much to learn, gain and understand in seminary and it is all of great value! Theological education is good thing, but it is not the main thing! The main thing must be Christ and knowing Him, rather knowing A LOT of stuff about Him.

In seminary, that often becomes the goal, without one even realizing it. If a student isn’t careful, pride will set in and prevent true spiritual growth from taking place. This pride will puff up as you gain more knowledge about the scriptures, history, etc. and before you know it, you’re trapped in isolation of knowledge. That knowledge that was gained goes without being applied and your spiritual growth is stunted, majorly.

You begin to study the bible for sermon prep/bible study only as you prepare something for others…

You begin to neglect personal prayer time because you’ve already spent so much time studying & reading for class…everything gets jumbled into your syllabi without knowing it.

There is no separation of study for class & study for the mystery and power of the Word…

You become so enamored with teaching about Jesus that you forget to follow Him intentionally as well…

The realization is that seminary doesn’t do this on purpose. It is not the faculty’s fault.

It must be your intention to balance your spiritual life in seminary so that you don’t get caught in the trap that makes seminary the end all-be all of your spiritual life. If this happens and nothing is done about it, the end of seminary will leave you dry, unmotivated, and warped spiritually, because your passion was not kindled along with your studies.

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