The stories we tell are retelling the greater story

Mike Cosper who is a pastor, is also a TV junkie. Cosper opens his book with his love and fanaticism for specific TV shows and how those shows & their story lines gripped him from the start.

Being an avid TV viewer, Cosper understands and sees how TV & media are portraying the grand narrative of the scriptures – even if that is not the intention. In the bible from cover to cover is the storyline of Creation – Fall – Redemption – Rescue and if you’ve watched even a small amount of TV or movies, you can affirm that most story lines are similar in a grand opening, a villain, a hero, and a conquering.

This book comes at a great time in history, because so many are trying to teach biblical principles through filmatic story lines. Some teachers are good at this, some not so much. Mike Cosper is one who does this rather sharply. Therefore, from this book, you will learn how to be a TV viewer through the lens of scripture and how shows, and movies can be teaching tools for seeing God at work and how to notice the spiritual in the physical.

You’d be wise to pick up this book and keep it at your side as you watch and see what is playing on the screens before you.

Just remember, that no matter how good a movie or script is, there is one that is greater and truer and it must be the story we tell.

Thank you, Crossway Publishers, for providing this text for the purpose of review.


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