Victory forever

Revelation is a book that is often ignored. The themes, the language, and the symbolism can be difficult to grasp. Not only that, but there are numerous stances taken upon the manner & time of which the Lord will return. Confusion and chaos abound…but not for long.

Mark Wilson has studied Revelation and offered a commentary that interprets the smaller themes and the larger theme: VICTORY.

In this commentary, there is interpretation & application for the reader to understand in a simpler way. Wilson dives into the 7 churches and explains what is taking place, along with the symbolism. Wilson reveals his stances on eschatology but also makes sure a few things are understood: Believers will suffer of some sort, & Christ will return to restore & redeem.

His commentary isn’t as thorough as others, because it can understood that Wilson wants readers to get into Revelation, rather than from it. Although, the book is difficult and rather harsh in nature, because of the suffering, battles, and ultimate end, Wilson is an encouraging writer that writes with an established hope that can be seen all throughout this text.

Thank you to Cross Focused Reviews for the copy. I was not required to write a positive review.


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