At last…

I believe God can, I know He will, and I claim it to be so…right now.

The above statement is often heard in sermons, books, and on TV interviews. Scott Blackwell has carefully toed the line of healing and God’s desire for His children. In this book, you see clear interpretation of the entire counsel of Scripture and the line of healing and God’s miracles that run throughout.

Often, when healing is desired, it is self-centered and only capturing what it can do for me. However, what if God is using the trial whether it be health or not, to make you more like Him? What if He is wanting your trust, more than your sure-fire belief that He will/can heal?

There are many who are claiming healing in the name of Jesus but are not seeing it immediately. Those people who do so think if only they can believe enough that it will happen. This sort of thinking leaves the person to be relying on self, rather than God…which is exactly what God does not desire for His children.

The author is one who has struggled with physical ailments, prayed a lot, and seen his prayers answered, just not how he first sought them to be. Scott Blackwell is a great writer who writes from a heart of compassion, counsel, and truth. You’ll be so delighted to have read this book and become well-rounded in a biblical understanding of miracles, God’s desire for His children and His ultimate plan to heal those who are His.

Thank you to Cross Focused Reviews for the copy. I was not required to write a positive review.


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