A student’s guide to church history – a much needed resource!

History, although not meant to be boring, can be boring…especially to younger minds. 

This opinion led Brian Crosby to put together a church history guide that is concise, clear, and sufficient. This guide is meant to introduce young minds to church history in a way that will wet their appetite for history and leave them wanting to know more of it. 

Crosby intends for this guide to be read by young minds and elder minds as well. Perhaps this guide will suffice as a family devotional for reading and learning about church history. Crosby writes scholarly but clear and the guide reads in a way that is easily digestible and the book contains a simple flow throughout history. 

After seeing this book and understanding Crosby’s writing style, it is this reader’s opinion that Crosby would do well to offer other guides on spiritual matters. Perhaps topics and content such as studying the bible, memorizing scripture – starting out young, how to pray at a young age, theology for young minds. 

Brian Crosby did justice to Church History in a concise guide that will be around and will remain useful for a long time. 

Thank you to Cross Focused Reviews for the copy. I was not required to write a positive review.



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