Gripping & Telling

There are certain jobs that require great insight, fortitude and focus. One of those jobs was assigned to a team of divers who were to remove plugs from 55 pipes that were part of a design in the far northeast.

This job, taken on by the divers was difficult, grueling and very much so – dangerous. In fact, lives were lost in this endeavor, supposedly due to some breathing apparatus malfunctions. As you can already sense, the story is powerful yet sensitive.

Because of the sensitivity, the author takes great care and concern to portray the facts of what took place and the danger involved in such a field. The story is filled with great detail of both before, during and after the tunnel incident. If you appreciate a gripping story that moves you to consider the risks in life, this is your book.

This book is suspenseful and factual. You’ll find this story to be quite the page-turner that leaves you sleepless as you continue to the end of the book. The author does a marvelous job of dealing with the sensitivity of the story & what was the end result, but at the same time, places you in that tunnel with the divers. It’s an incredible read.

This is the type of story that may become a screenplay one day. Be on the lookout for further development of this story on the big-screen, perhaps!

I received this book for free from the publisher’s Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.


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