Home is the foundation

The Shepherd Leader at home is the origin for pastoring. Long before the church was established, there was the family and all throughout the Old Testament, you see that the family is the hub of culture. As the family goes, so does society. Men, who are husbands and fathers are expected to lead their family in God’s Word and in God’s Ways. There is no short cut. 

Half-hearted attempts such as…

  • “taking your kids to church on Sunday & Wednesday, but never opening the bible at home…”
  • “Dropping your kids off at church only to have someone else drop them off at home, when it’s over…”
  • and other poor attempts…

….are not going to cut it. 

In this book, families are reminded of central truths that are begging to be applied and followed. You’re not going to find this book to be heavily theological or hard to interpret. The takeaway will be the great encouragement to get in the game of life and lead your family, so someone else does not. There are too many sideline parents who are disengaged from their children and have no idea what is happening to them or in them. This book is driven by biblical principles and is meant to be applied to the day-to-day life in the home. 

This book is brief, concise and filled with great parenting and shepherding wisdom for parents of any age and season of life. 

Thank you, Crossway Publishers, for providing this text for the purpose of review.



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