An honest guide

One thing that is guaranteed in life is change. Change is happening whether we accept it or not. It is best for us to ask about change, rather than ignore it, or run from it. If we run from change, we won’t get very far anyway. 

The best approach to change is to view it as a teachable moment. That is the approach taken by the author of these two guides who approached the changes that boys and girls experience as they grow older. 

Parents will find these guides very foundational, biblically and thorough on details about puberty, marriage, etc. 

One of the worst approaches that can be taken in explaining change(s), is to just wing it. Sure, the thoughts may be gathered and aligned in your mind, but they are not guaranteed to come out that way when you vocalize the thoughts. Preparing yourself for guiding your pre-teen through these changes will benefit both yourself and your child. They need it, and so do you. 

Check out these helpful guides as the time draws nearer for changes to occur in you and your children’s lives. 

Thank you to Cross Focused Reviews for the copy. I was not required to write a positive review.



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