Greater still.



In his recent book, Pastor Steven Furtick desires for the reader to strive for greater things, greater impact, greater glory. His premise is that greatness is a level that we think is attainable, but is it really attainable? Is there a certain level of life that we can reach and say I’ve arrived? According to Furtick, no, greatness is not attainable, but we can make every effort to be greater, see greater, think greater, and reach greater.

However, the author does make the significant statement that our efforts are not based on our power, strength, or spirit, or the lack there of. Rather, to see, think, and reach greater, we do it based on His power in us & through us, all the while, having our eyes & soul fixed on Jesus, who is the Alpha, the Omega, the author & finisher of our faith.

Steven Furtick is quite passionate and full of zeal. One may suspect that he comes across arrogant & fiery. One thing that the pastor/author does recognize of himself, is that he is who he is and so by the grace of God. He knows he is a dreamer and always has been and this comes out in the content of his books, and the BIG vision he holds of God.

The reader may not hold to everything the author thinks or his perspective on the subject matter, but this book will challenge to think outside of yourself and grow your faith to be greater.

I received this book for free from the publisher’s Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.



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