Random events or not so random?


Dr. Poythress is an academician. Therefore this text is academic and does not qualify as a light read. 

Because this book address probability, chance, happenstance, control, suffering, weather, disaster, and more…this book cannot be an easy read. Those topics are each weighty on their own, but when you pair them together under the umbrella of God you will find that you have a book worth chewing on for quite some time. 

Let me state early on that there will be many readers who deny this book and will disregard it because they do not agree with anything about God being sovereign over anything at all. You’ll discover that the author did not write this book to “change people’s minds” nor did write it in defense of God. God doesn’t need any defending to begin with. 

All of things that happen are a glimpse of God’s power and might and as the author states, our response should be worship. 

You’d think that a book on such an academic subject would be written “at” people to sway them, but the author’s writing style is done with grace, humility and warmth. His approach to this writing is invitational and welcoming and will not be a turn off to readers of all stances and beliefs. 

Buckle up your thinking cap and pick up this book when you’re ready to think a bit deeper than usual. 

Thank you, Crossway Publishers, for providing this text for the purpose of review.




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