Nothing like a good story


There is nothing like a classic story that is told well. A good story draws in listeners and enriches their imagination along with their mind and heart. 

John Walsh has authored a book to aid preachers in becoming better at the stories they preach. If preachers were to be honest about their preaching styles and their habits they would own up to discouragement, dryness and the problem of becoming rote. Therefore, John Walsh wants to help breathe life into their styles and habits. 

This book will aid in how and why the stories of the bible need to be told and retold. These aren’t just stories, they are factual events witnessed by the authors and these stories deserve to be told and retold with the same sort of life by which they were written. 

What you’ll find in this book is a Christian perspective, a bible-centered tool, and a perspective to refresh preachers of all ages and places. What you won’t find in this book is how to be a better public-speaker, presenter, and motivator. Remember, this book strives to help others tell the stories of the scriptures, not to make better pitches or sales approaches. 

I was provided this book from for the purpose of review. The above thoughts are my own.




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