“The” good life



A book written by the younger generation for the younger generation! Now, don’t take that to imply written by an immature young man. On the contrary, Lee, is a scripture-saturated man who simply renews his mind through the Word of God. Therefore, what he writes, comes from the overflow of his heart, which is filled with the Spirit and truth. 

To put it simply, GET THIS BOOK and put it in the hands of young people! Lee’s heart is for the wayward youngsters who long for the world and are chasing after it quite hard. This book is a peak into the mind of Lee and where he was and who he was to where he is now and whose he is now. 

Lee is a recording artist who many listen to, but he is also an author and speaker who is worth reading and hearing from. Give this book a read and you might find it quite hard to put down, due to it’s nature of building to each chapter. Keep in mind: good things come from God, but are not intended to become our god(s). When they do, chaos occurs in our lives because order has been dismantled and our hearts become thirsty…and when they do, we rarely remember where to find water. 

This book is gospel-saturated and designed to encourage and equip to leave behind the trinkets and find treasure in Christ, alone. 

I was provided this book from http://mpnewsroom.com/ for the purpose of review. The above thoughts are my own.


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