Rekindling the passion for preachers

One of gray areas in Western Civilization is church. A lot of church are particularly full on Sundays, but full of what kind of people?

The average person will generally say that they are a Christian and that they believe. But what exactly does Christian mean? What does this sort of person actually believe?

Well, Paul Washer has some answers from the bible to those questions. Let me forewarn you that Paul Washer does not consider whether or not he is going to rock the boat of society. If you spend just a few minutes listening to Washer or reading his writings, you’ll quickly discover that He is a man of eternal perspective and is not at all caught up in the trivial things of the world.

This sort of person holds heavy convictions and comes across as highly convicting. Please do not expect to be left the same or more comfortable after reading or listening to Washer. Even the greatest and most passionate of followers of Christ will be confronted by the truth that Washer teaches/preaches.

In this second edition of Recovering the Gospel Series, Washer writes on assurance and on the warnings of alleged faith that gives no proof of eternal life dwelling within a person. What you are going to find from Washer is a strong biblical case for assurance and a strong biblical case against people who say they believe but have no proof within their lifestyle.

Be warned: Paul Washer’s tone is not very friendly, it is actually fiery. Washer doesn’t use many modern day illustrations either. He may mention things in general, such as sports, fashion, technology, but he heavily leans on the scriptures, in all his writings. One thing about Washer and this series He is writing – he is quite repetitive. If he says something one time, he has already said it 100 times. One of the keywords in the title is “Warnings” and that is very fitting word that would describe Paul’s preaching/writing style. God has given him a deep passion for the gospel that doesn’t waver over things like fantasy sports, politics, summer vacations, etc. One thing is for certain, when you hear/listen to Paul Washer, you will be confronted, for certain. There is no holding back in Paul Washer.

This book is very potent and ought to be on the shelves of every pastor’s library. Even pastor’s get discouraged and caught up in trivial things that jeopardize their passion for the gospel. Consider this book a match that will rekindle the fire of preaching & witnessing for the gospel.

Thank you to Cross Focused Reviews for the copy. I was not required to write a positive review.


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