A real revival



Dr. Berding has a new book that emphasizes an old book(s). In this new text, Dr. Berding basically puts the bible on trial and makes a clear, powerfully compelling case for the bible to be given the utmost priority in both churches and homes. His premise is that without the bible, there is no true life nor awakening. 

In the introduction, Dr. Berding shows the instances of two revivals that took place in the past at two different times – both taking place in Wales. The facts show that one revival occurred because of God’s Word and another took place without God’s Word being given the utmost attention. The latter revival didn’t last and was not a true revival because it lacked truth, power and Spirit. The former revival was lasting and changed lives. The latter revival changed the atmosphere for a very brief period, but did not change lives. 

Dr. Berding is a man of conviction that God’s Word is not being released in churches and homes. I applaud Dr. Berding’s conviction about the bible being central at home. In the book, he explains how his view of teaching the bible at home changed, because of the command in scripture (Deuteronomy 6). He also gives great examples of intentional, teachable moments with his family that made the bible to be naturally talked about and over in his home. 

There is a tone in some chapters that Dr. Berding uses that may come across as brash, but I believe it is his strong conviction to use the bible correctly. What he means is that by giving the bible the utmost priority and authority in our home and in our churches, we allow the bible to lay claim of us, rather than us laying claim of the scriptures. For example, people approach the bible for therapuetism. This implies that a person reads scripture with agenda rather than letting scripture read the reader. If I want to know a subject, I would examine verses out of context that might speak of that subject very briefly or simply. What I should do, is sit down to read portions of scripture and let it address me so that it teaches me the subject and context rather than I try to get something out of it, even if it isn’t necessarily there. 

You will find this book to be both challenging and refreshing. This would be a great book for pastors and leaders who need reminding and rekindling so that they can preach the Word with boldness and conviction. Once this book is in the hands of pastors and pastors are renewed, I would urge those pastors to place this book in the hands of the congregation so that the bible will be on display at home, where it should be. 

It’s evident that people want revival, but are we willing to let the Word do the work in us to prepare us?

Thank you to Cross Focused Reviews for the copy. I was not required to write a positive review.


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