Non-fleeting Beauty


Where do most females consider beauty to be found?
– In Hollywood?

– On the runway

– On magazine covers?

– In fashion/makeup?

– What about in Christ?

The authors of true beauty stand on the foundation that beauty cannot be accessed apart from the person and work of Christ. The authors aren’t propagating that beauty in within oneself, or that beauty is from the heart, or that beauty is something you can produce. No, true beauty is an identity based on what Christ did for you and who He says you are.

Beauty in the world’s eye is fleeting and ever-changing. Beauty in Christ doesn’t waver…but your foundation in Him grows stronger, which brings freedom and therefore, beauty!

The mother/daughter (authors) write with confidence in Christ but with a very sincere tone and gracious approach. They plead gently with readers to understand and behold true beauty from & within the Creator.

I would suggest this book for all females, beginning at the age of 12 and for them to be given this book without presumption or explanation…just let them turn the pages and find True Beauty.

Thank you, Crossway Publishers, for providing this text for the purpose of review.


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