Overcoming the overwhelming


Perry Noble has written a new book based on his own life experience(s). The experience he pulls the curtain back on is one of struggling with anxiety. The anxiety he faced began in 2008 and visited him for three years off and on. Through the anxiety he faced ups and downs with downs as low as suicidal thoughts. You wouldn’t think that someone in his position would struggle in such a way and that he would eventually share about it. But that is what brought this book to life for Noble.

In the book, Noble shines a light on some Old Testament characters who had every circumstance in their face that could birth anxiety and tension…but through it all, God was faithful and He remained the object of their focus.

There are hundreds of book on the subject matter of worrying, anxiety, and nervousness. Perhaps the reason being for so many books on the same familiar topic – is that so many people face this ongoing battle. For some, the battle only lasts for seasons of life, but for others, it rages on constantly.

What you’ll find is this book is that the author has dealt with this himself, which is a plus for the book. What you’ll also find in the book is that biblical characters faced anxiety, even though they seemed like spiritual heroes, they still faced the same circumstances that we do.

There isn’t a whole lot that separates this book from the others on worry. But for a good read that will aid you in overcoming the sensation of being overwhelmed, check out what Perry Noble has to share. You’ll find that his aim is not on the circumstances you face but on the belief (in God) you have as you navigate through the circumstances.

Note: I received a copy of this book from the Tyndale House Bloggers Review Program in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive view.


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