Not if, but when!


This is the age-old dilemma that so many people face, when it comes to helping people and serving others. Not only is this text theologically grounded and solidly biblical, but it is practical and thorough in explaining the answer to the question, why does it hurt to help?

First of all, this book will enlighten the reader on the issue at hand. 

Secondly, this book will empower the reader to think through and discern how and when to help in a way that will bring about lasting change. There is a good chance that the reader will find themselves helpless when they pick up this book because they are frustrated and perhaps even feeling empty. But the reader will walk away with a fresh perspective on helping others and the proper way to go about it to bring about the most change and impact. 

This is the kind of book that will be around for decades and continue to be a go-to resource for helping others and serving the least of these. 

I was provided this book from for the purpose of review. The above thoughts are my own.



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