Needed for Churches


Nathan Lorick writes with a pastor’s heart for the local church. His passion is very Pauline in nature and his writing contains that passion very clearly. 

Evangelism is needed as the forefront of making disciples within the local church. Lorick is not advocating for the removal of church programs or ministries – but is putting his chips in the aspect that evangelism is lacking within those ministries. 

So much of the local church is generally for the local church and not for those outside the local church. What would happen if that trend reversed and we reached out before we reached in?

You’ll find not just the answer to that question in Dying to Grow, but you’ll also find out why & how that must take place. This book is written for church leaders and ministry leaders and comes delivered from a man who has and is serving on the front lines with you. Lorick isn’t a guru who bases everything on research from behind a desk, but has experience and the marks to prove it. 

The book is an easy read and very clear in presentation. You won’t get bogged down in theological jargon, but will find each page worth turning to. 

Thanks to BookCrash in exchange for an unbiased review. The above opinions are this reader’s own thoughts. 



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