Finally Free


When it comes to pornography, there are some things that must be understood. 

1. Pornography is the leading industry of sin & therefore paves the way for destroying lives. 

2. Pornography is common both outside of the church & inside the church. It is a struggle for so many men & women. 

3. Pornography must be fought & battled against. 

Therefore, because it must battled & fought – there is a new weapon of choice and it is this book – Finally Free. 

Author, Heath Lambert understands the remedy for such a destructive sin and that is Jesus Christ. This is Lambert’s weapon of choice and the ammo is the most powerful there is. He sticks to his gospel guns in this book and uses eight types of “bullets” to engage war on pornography. They are: sorrow//accountability//radical measures//confession//circumstances//humility//gratitude// & power of a relationship with Christ. 

I’ve read numerous books, articles, and blogs on battling pornography and there is not one that comes close with gospel-power as this book does. Lambert doesn’t flinch as such a horrific sin, because he is grounded and the gospel and his writing proves this. 

There is no way around pornography in one’s own strength & determination. But the mighty power of the gospel in Jesus Christ can avenge even the worst sins. Freedom is found in Christ. 







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